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you’ve heard the saying ‘walk a mile in someone’s shoes’, well do you honestly think you can even remotely do that and still understand another person?


the fact is even if you experience a similar situation as another, it is different for everyone. you can never understand another’s pain, joy, life because you are not them. what you may find unbearable someone else might be all right with it and visa versa. i have seen it to many times where people think because they have went through something they know it all. it is sad to say but the fact is one experience is so different from the other.

we also are conditioned differently to believe different ideas, ways of life and of course thinking. let me give you an example. the other day, i followed a 4 hour course on mental health. normally i open to anything to learn but this really pissed me off right off the bat. the question of the day was ‘are you suicidal?’ – there’s my trigger. we were discussing how if someone is experiencing a difficult situation and you notice you should try to help and they suggested the first question should be ‘are you suicidal’. i literally was angered at this because i feel even though someone is upset or really down on their luck, you do not asked them that question.

i have seen and experience this so many times and trust me if someone is suicidal, they will just go off the deep end. the reality with most mental health issues is that no one knows what the hell is wrong. the doctors and therapist are so ready and willing to shove a pill down your throat never assuming the obvious.

the source of the problem. they feel not being able to deal with life’s issues and complications, warrants a drug to suppress these feelings. in reality, i see that if you can’t get to the root of the problem, you will fix it.

in this day and age, we see this kind of behavior and it is to easy to say ‘i have mental issues’ to never face the reality of their lives. they suppress and hide until the reality comes out one day, and bam! something really bad happens. if you ask me it’s a good NON COPING MECHANISM.

some people make bigger issues out of a small situation and then because they can’t fix it, they blame it on or use the word ‘mental illness’.

i could go on all day about this, actually i could probably write a thesis on it. no i am not a doctor and i am not a therapist but what gives them the right to decide what is mental issues? here is my theory.

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