Do You Condemn Others

taking a step back can be one of the hardest things to do when you are a person who insist on finding solutions immediately to problems.

the patience and tolerance needed to be a great person is probably  more profound as we do not always accept others. yes, there are times when i just want to really tell people what i think and feeling, in that moment and time but i have to respect the value one person may bring to my day.

what i can do also is maybe see further into this persons’ life and accept maybe they do know better.

acceptance of another is called human conditioning for a reason. we are all unique and whatever upbringing one my have had, it is absolute. therefore, the next time you run into someone whom doesn’t measure up to your standards, let’s try and see where they come from and how they were conditioned to believe things in a certain way.

do not judge those who may have suffered, loss or even have been condemned to grief and a poor lifestyle.

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