do you carry your junk

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some of us carry our lives around like if we let shit go it will alter all that exists. regret, mistakes, experiences we would rather not talk about and if you think about it, what have we learned from all this?


this is life my friends – we do and say things we can never take back and most of us are capable of letting go when others can’t. i have this new thing where i am now only capable of taking one box out at a time because my brain works so fast it is beyond exhausted. i can think or many things all at once while driving, sleeping and talking. what i have noticed is that i can never be in the moment doing this and it has also shown me that being epic means being able to slow down.

i am the worse at keeping things floating in my head and in my heart for the sake of remembering what i did and how many lessons i have learned. at one point i had to ask myself how necessary this was and if it was healthy for my well being.

it isn’t.

self love takes a big step in this consciousness of being in the moment. if you continuously live in the past with all that junk you are missing out on this epic presence. the reality of it all is being able to compartmentalize your thoughts in order to live. therefore ask yourself today, how important your junk is and how are living for today.

not yesterday, not tomorrow

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