what is most important in life? have you ever really sat and thought about that? i have.

this week will talk about what is really important. we are so conditioned by keeping busy with this and that we forget the important stuff | living

people always say i want everything to fast or right away but for me it is living in the moment. why wait for tomorrow when you can do it all today. what if tomorrow never comes and you will have said to yourself “i should have”. the important part of this concept is doing what is possible, not extreme. normal everyday responsibilities take precedence over these wants and needs but you need to leave room for the fun stuff.

take me for instance…last year i started travelling. the most amazing time of my life because i didn’t sit and say:

“should i “

i just said:


i will no longer stop my own happiness for the sake of worrying about tomorrow or what comes next. i want to LIVE while i am in this world, be all that i can and pursue a simple life. i take my responsibilities very seriously but at the end of the day i know it is what is good about living and allows me to do the fun stuff.