.do we really see ourselves

while i have been pre-existing in the blog world, trying to come up with some great and creative ideas, i started thinking about how people are present in the moment. we often see and look at individuals and realize for that split second, they are off in another world not being here in what they are doing. this causes trivial issues but can sometimes create havoc in the real world.

be in the moment…

being present means being in the here and now, doing what your doing and feeling that power. if you are talking to someone, don’t look elsewhere, look directly at that person and listen. if you are driving, watch for the road signs, people, lines and lights. there is a secret to doing this; for 1/2 hour a day, sit somewhere, without headphones, music or anything that may distract you. just listen to the trees, the rain falling or even the sounds of the street. our world is full of beauty and we often forget how lucky we are to have this air to breathe.

be in the moment…

while you are doing this, forget our bills, the deadlines, the lack of anything and just feel nothing but admire your surroundings.

be in the moment…

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