Distraction is a Good Cure

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i feel that if we are stressed about life, sometimes if you do things, keep busy or think about something else, it helps to calm yourself. focusing on other items on the agenda can alleviate some of the dilemmas you may be facing in life. this is especially true when making big decisions that are absolutely foreign to your normal routine.

the reality is when you know you must make these decisions it all boils down to commitment. i can’t stress enough how committed i have always been to life goals and other people but sometimes it was necessary to keep me grounded. what i have learned to do is find ways to distract myself when i am really having a difficult time by pondering on other commitments. it was the only way to keep my sanity.

i have noticed though some things are harder to keep my focus when it pertains to life choices. this is where i get a little mixed up because i have never experienced a certain moment. i am pretty smart when it comes to normal daily or weekly items that may arise but when it comes to big life-changing ideas, i get really serious to the point of making myself sick over them because i do not know if it is right.

maybe it is the worry of the outcome, maybe it is because i have somewhat learned from past mistakes and i am afraid to do the ‘rinse repeat’ scenario. my recent big life decision has been a process and although i still stand thinking all moments pointed in the wrong direction, i am staying committed. i am not 100% happy with it but i will stay focused on one thing that keeps me sane, my son! (because this decision involves him as well)

i believe this chapter of my life can go either way: good or bad but i will make the best of it in the present moment.


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