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as life would have it, not only in the real world but here online, some companies love to play with your nerves.

this morning, a recent theme I was using, decided to do an update and screw up my whole design. luckily, I am pretty good at fixing this stupidity and here it is! a new look for the remainder of December.

another thing happened, wordpress decided to upgrade their dashboard with a new product called “Gutenburg” which I have only looked it quickly but thinking of setting up another site just to play with it. perfection is a must when you do these things, otherwise you look like an idiot.

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onto my reality…

as I get ready, making a list for the food I will be serving this Christmas, I wonder what 2019 will bring. as I have had no luck in living my semi-retired life (unemployment), I find it is time to really melt down and find the moment.

what the hell do I want for myself career wise?

enough about feelings, I need to work. I am really loosing my confidence thinking something isn’t right. maybe I am getting a bad rap, or maybe I am to old now and people aren’t interested. I don’t know, most companies are really difficult in their methods of hiring and I totally understand why. but just because someone doesn’t have a list of degrees, doesn’t mean they aren’t good at whatever you throw at them.

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I have dedicated my life working for companies, going above and beyond and here I am with nothing. we shall see!


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