Different Perspective with The Same Idea

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as we sat around the campfire last night, although we were 20 plus people, we all had one thing in common | epic relaxation and tranquility. when on a mini vacation most people go to find peace and serenity. some will find different things to keep themselves so busy they forget to appreciate the real moments.

my biggest real moment was sitting in a canoe in the middle of a lake, surrounded by trees and mountains, listening to nothing but the sound of our own voices. as we paddled and then took a few moments to just sit there floating, how silent it was | we were in ‘awe’ by how peaceful this place was and how it seemed as though the outside world didn’t exist. i wondered what this place would look like in the fall with the changing of the autumn leaves. i could imagine how epic that would be.

i think what i took from this little holiday was the idea that something so out of my comfort zone could be so beautiful and relaxing | i really wanted to stay longer. very rustic, silence, anything goes. the other adventure was having great friends with us. this couple whom we had shared very few moments within the past spent the weekend with us. it was so fun to have people who are spirited and absolutely grounded spending this quality weekend with us. i never realized how important they were until i shared this trip with them. same ideas, the same sense of humor and of course unconditional acceptance of whatever goes. i really appreciate this couple more now than ever and hope that we can do something together again.

the other big thing was this family that owns this place we went too. i have known them for years but what happens when you go to this place is you begin to realize how when people are in their comfort zone you see a different side of them. i guess the only thing that really bothered me out of all this, although a small reality of my own, was the fact that they are such a close family and i was very envious of them. i guess in my life, i only choose certain people to be open in my heart because i never knew the closeness of a real family.

all in all, i felt very welcomed, appreciated by my niece and nephews and that in itself was an epic adventure. my sister exclaimed she was missing my presence these last few months. i failed to understand this statement as i see her as a fulfilled individual with everything and i asked myself why. maybe she was missing the kind of adventure i bring to the crowd or was it just the fact she wanted to know what was going on in my life. unfortunately we have never been close but nonetheless, i appreciated her sincerity.

lastly, the man i love deeply was definitely in his comfort zone. this was the biggest reason i went to this place. he was the happiest camper there. i could see how well he was and having me there with him made it even more special. he has been so good to me over the last 4 years i felt it was time to compromise and try this epic adventure in the woods with him.

at the end of the weekend, although we have different ideas on what is considered a vacation, different ways of enjoying ourselves and what we feel is a getaway it is the epic reality of being away from our everyday life and the people we share these adventures with.

a big thank you to the people who made this happen and all the preparation that was made to make this an epic weekend for me. it is definitely on my to do list next year!


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