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a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, a worker, a friend, a lover or a spouse; these are all identifications of what we are in our lifetime but what is it that really represents who we really are? if you could just find one word to describe who you are what would it be?

i have yet to find my words as i have been looking for my meaning of life. many things have been shaking with me individually lately and i am at a lost for finding the perfect word.

why? because i don’t know. i have always been someone else and really, even at the age of 49, not discovered my meaning. the frustrating part if that without this value, the feeling of non-existence kicks in and you ask yourself over and over again, what is this life all about?

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we are conditioned to do what is expected of us but do we truly take the time to consider what would really make us whole?

nope. i see it everyday in my journey that people only exist in the eyes of others and never fulfil their own being. so why do we do this? why do we put up with something that is so negative for ourselves?

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because it is expected.

however, i can tell you from experience, it is wrong and very detrimental to one’s well-being. the only way to find peace is to set out on your own, be in the now when necessary and the rest find that middle, that existence you so need.


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