Defeated by my Own Inability

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There are only two types of people:

the ones who succeed and the ones who fail. I am on the end of the stick on this one and I can honestly say, since I have been living now for 54 years, this life really sucks in many ways.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM! shit hits the fan and you fall into your sinking hole again. I am very surprised I am still here, I must say because I really don’t understand why life has given me sour lemons instead of fresh smelling fruit.

This may all sound very self pity but I am serious. Every time I think or believe my life is where it should be, something bad happens and I can’t get away from it. it isn’t that ambition has left the building, I am very good at starting over and try, try again but I am seriously wondering what comes next now.

Why can’t I just find a company that believes in my work, appreciates me and makes me feel like getting up in the morning? or better yet, I happy with working at something that fulfills me?

yes. people, I lost my job again!


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