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i was thinking about decorating this morning, flipping through Pinterest, one of the best social networks ever created, (thank You) and my mind wandered. often our lives are so boring, we tend to fill it with beautiful things, buy expensive items when really there is an easier way to show your creative motivation.


if your environment is beautiful, your mood changes.


i have two months to decide on creative ideas for our new home, did i mention we bought a house? yes. the truth is happening and it is so much bigger than what we have now, my mind has started filling with great decorating ideas. i want to make it creative but also functional. this house we live in now is so small, i feel as though i have a tight rope on all the time. i love space! i want to create the rooms with happy colors and beautiful ideas.


#epic kitchen ideason Pinterest, you can find just about everything, therefore lately i have created extra boards to help me along the way. i truly believe if your escapes can bring joy, such as mine is mexico, then your home should also be your sanction. time plays a factor in all this, because we often want things to quickly, we do not take the time to appreciate the value of slowly making changes. we rush around with 50 million things in our brains and at the end of it all we have accomplished nothing.


for a few months now i have been trying to keep my mind simple, living as though i haven’t got a care in the world, however as nice as this sounds, it is back to chaos. i really need to start focusing on my needs, my wants and bring a more peaceful journey to my own well being. i think it’s time to cut shit out of my life and be more peaceful.

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