Dealing with Difficulty

everyone dreams of being some time of super hero, i have seen and work with many who think they are and feel as though nothing can stand in their way. i also have people who are so set in their ways they choose not to see anyone else’s point of view.

those people really need a reality check. unfortunately, acceptance of others is one of my strong points but very difficult to absorb especially when it hurts others. the ones’ that bother me most are the one’s that look you right in the face and are either selling you a bullshit story or worse spreading the unknown rumors of society.

what are the benefits in this kind of behavior? none. self absorption comes from within, it comes from a place where they always had to stand out in the crowd for whatever reason.  they live in the reality of self indulgence and will stand at nothing to get what they want at whatever cost. it makes them feel good, it makes them powerless as well, without even knowing because the truth is the most effective way of living, even if it hurts. there are days when i just want to blurt out to these people:

“what do you get out of this, what are your goals in all this?”

but sometimes you can see right through this and longer feel the need to act on it. sometimes you just have to listen, accept and move on