.day by day

there are days that are better than others and sometimes we feel as though there is no getting back to that happy place. how do we find peace in our inner shell as well as our outer shell?

i don’t have the answer.

i have been looking for this happiness pretty much all my life. i can color everything, make it look pretty, decorate my surroundings and still nothing. i have a job that pays me well but it does not fulfill me and i can honestly say it is very stressful at times. it is almost degrading honestly when you have to lower your standards for others whom seem to have no respect for you at all.

#epic pinteresti am also reminded that even though you have the skills and knowledge needed for that better position, someone one else always seems to just grasp it. why because of something they did a long time ago and it makes them better or is it because there is a certain order and it must be set that way.

i feel very bad for a good friend of mine whom was let down yesterday, he so deserves to be in that better position. i find him courageous for sticking it out even though some people are a poor judge of character. i just hope in the end karma will set in and the truth will surface.

my thoughts are this; maybe everything is as it should be and there is a bigger picture down the road but as we all know, i live for now and what might happen or what could be. day by day i guess and maybe just maybe, the peace will come.