Cutting the Crap

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i am tired, tired of the bullshit, the reasons why we get up every day and for what? to be disappointed and let down.

i am tired of people who claim to care and don’t. i am tired of the ones who say things you really don’t want to hear and frustrated with the people can’t really say what they feel or want. why can’t we just cut the crap and dish it out?

i am tired of people saying i am funny, nice, easy to talk too, trustworthy..and i could go on. it is like living in a bubble and i see all these labels around me and never quite get the nail on the head.

what i would really like are love and honesty; the type that a person would just get up to hear my voice, to see what i will say next, the one they would go the distance just to make me the most important person in their life. the kind that would not be afraid to tell me the truth about their feelings and still love me at the end of the day. be standing their whether i am bitchy or sad, not just when i am happy.

a friend said yesterday: ” a man should give you everything.” i told him, no he shouldn’t, but he should put me first as i have done so many times in my lifetime.

also, all those people who claim to care, really don’t. i see it; they pretend to save face because they have too. sad as that is i believe we all walk around and interact with everyone because it is the right thing to do.  ( human nature sucks )

but if for just one day we could all be exactly who we are and say what we want, do what we feels right and never get questioned, how do you think that day would turn out?

for once i would just love to yell at the asshole that cut me off, yell at the bitch who got in my face and was rude without even considering my feelings, tell someone they smell and the most important, look someone straight in the face and tell them i really don’t like them, (if i don’t).

how do you think that day would turn out?

my point is, why do we have to be so damn nice when we feel the need not to be? i believe there would be less stress, fewer drunks, and stoned people if we could just be and say what we feel without prejudice or judgment. it’s also cheaper than therapy.


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