Curse of those Damn Demons

as we all know life can take us in many different directions and this morning is no exception to the rules. I got a bit of distressing news yesterday and as I am not surprised about it, the significance is in relations to the shit that follows.

personally, I am at a point that living in the moment is all I know and the reasoning behind this is that my life is very complex and it shouldn’t be. as I try to stay positive about everything, with great difficulty, there is always something that hits home and disturbs my attitude.

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how do I fight these demons, how do I persist and stay positive, this is the question of the day.

I was watching a video the other day someone sent of a man whom I never knew was that interesting and he was really enjoying himself; it reminded me of a few weeks ago and how I should have been having more fun than I was. showing our true nature isn’t always easy when you know, just around the corner, shit will happen.

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the demons are strong and even though I find myself entertaining people these days with funny videos I make, it’s all a cover, a way to distract myself from the reality.

if people only knew what is truly going on inside my head, what I am really feeling, I think it would be a different story.

today is a new day, I await whatever comes and hope that good news is still lurking around the corner as I so need this in my life.