Creating a Quality of Life

There are many in life that keep us from going totally delusional and one of them is routine. I am reminded of this because we have to condition ourselves to keep a schedule otherwise our life seems impossible. for instance, retired people find new things to keep them busy after they have left a job they worked for so many years. getting up at the same time, meeting the demands of their employers and when all has diminished, they wake up one morning and realize they no longer have subjected themselves to this constant erratic lifestyle.

then, the wonder. what do i do next?

having the means to do whatever you want is another factor. being financially viable is easier when you are retired because there are no worries. as we get older we see changes all the time in our own bodies, minds, and ways of doing normal daily things.

this works the same way when you change your career. i have noticed many changes about my routine, my way of eating, doing things since i am working at home now and i feel very fortunate to be able to do this. the conditioning in all this is that i must adhere to a schedule in pretty much the same way as before only i don’t need to work ridiculous hours. what i love the most is living a normal life, meaning i set my meals times at appropriate times, i can go for walks early in the morning and i can sleep a full 8 hours without the constant negative thoughts rolling around.

i mentioned to someone this week past week that my attitude towards certain areas needed to be conditioned and i guess they did not understand what i meant. when you work at a job that you literally know is wrong for you, your ideas become negative and distorted. although in my lessons i teach acceptance of others and the line “if it does not affect you” becomes a big deal. it matters not which industry you are in, the fact remains we all have to deal with all kinds of people and what they do or say does affect us in one way or another. it is how we perceive it that defines what are next course of action.

today is the last day of September and my routine of sitting out back in my pool has ended and now i must change my Sundays. catching up on office decor, making my surroundings comfortable and acceptable are very important to me.

therefore, i am leaving you with this thought: if your life changed drastically tomorrow, what and how would you change your life? what would you do differently to make things better for yourself?