in life, we all need something to believe in (sounds like a song) and sometimes we just need courage.

if we go through life never attempting anything, why are we here?

growing up, i never understood life and for what it’s worth, i also never had any goals. i pretended to be something i am not, shadowed behind people who thought what was best for me and never really got it. i guess, as an adult, i have watched myself grow in many different ways, complex situations fixed by determination and understanding of life’s little miseries.

lately, frustration is my biggest challenge as even at 52 i still want so much more for myself and it is just so unattainable. questioning everything i do, brings much stress and you have to wonder why i do this to myself. i guess nature comes into play over nurture. we forget that in order to function in this big world we must nurture ourselves.

what is it i want? how will i accomplish? how will i make my very own well being better?

Image result for accomplishi write because it is my very core prosecution. it makes me see that certain things are less important than all these thoughts running in my head. revise and auto correct is a computer term but if you look closely, it can be your brain at work.

i am in the middle of several projects at the moment, filling my days and nights with deadlines. it is so important that i accomplish these things that it probably is making me a little crazy. but my ambitions are personal! i am determined to do the best i can and until it is done, i will not rest. once i am exactly where i want to be, i will rest.

have an epic day! sincerely true, your editor


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