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what has inspired my senses this week? well i am very grateful we have had great weather, the kind that most forget to appreciate. most people around the globe do not realize how wonderful summer can be here in Canada and this weekend we celebrate our great country.

small things can make you laugh and this week i seen the local man with his Mexican hat cutting the grass down the street and it is funny how i always say i want to bring some of that special place home. you can watch this video on my #youtube channel.

Can You Relate? Check This Out!  A Waterfall Flows

then there are things that touch us, we find ourselves feeling a moment of gratitude. some people, if you really look, you can almost be motivated to take a deeper understanding of how their lives can be worse than yours.

next week i want to discuss obsessions, how people are really focused on holding on to things, ideas and feelings. some of which can truly destroy another’s personality of themselves. some of these people can even see the hurt they cause or chaos constructed by merely never letting go.

Can You Relate? Check This Out!  .unconditional feelings

there is also thoughts of losing site of what has happened, what is to come and the best part, what is right in front of them. i believe i need to be more in my moment and really concentrate on my well being. find more of quiet time, structure and peacefulness.

i hope you enjoy your weekend and remember to find your #epicreality.


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