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my latest epic is being connected or disconnected to life in general. so often we are disconnected with our surroundings, we miss the reality of living. life is precious and we should never ignore any moment.

there are signs everywhere telling us how to drive, advertisements about products and services and rules. what if all these signs turned into your life story – what if every time you turn around the sign said:

we miss the point to so many things – there is no guide to our lives, there is no great book to tell how to manage anything, all we have is our instincts and conditioning of the past. experiences teach us how to do and not do things and when we are stirred in the wrong dimension, we lose site of the reality of life.


Oprah says: ‘your life gives you signals, it speaks to you’ all you have to do is pay attention and listen. my favorite line is ‘everything happens for a reason’ which in most cases people hate that because there is so much suffering in this world people say ‘what is the reason for that?’

i believe it is to show us the way –

live every moment as it comes, take chances, make mistakes and remember to breathe and reboot when necessary.


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