Connecting the Dots

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as i sit here this morning thinking of this being our last day at my parents, trying to clear my head of last night’s tequilas, i am reminded that being thankful and grateful should be said outloud more.

we focus so much on the negatives of our lives, that sometimes we forget the good stuff.

i am one of those people!

filling voids does not seem to be enough for me these days and itdoes not matter what i do, the act of being less successful weighs heavy on me. my brain reminds me that i am unemployed and terrified of may not come next.

i have tried to make this holiday as happy as possible for my boyfriend and so far he seems good with it. i do know he is waiting for the big game but still my worries are mostly about making others happy.

so when is it truly my turn?

i hope when i return home that someone will notice my skills and hire my ass, otherwise things will get worse.

we are off to san antonio today, should be a great adventure.


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