Common Destiny Different Path

we all want to be a success. we all want people to admire our ability to do great things. we all want to be acknowledged. how do we find our sense of destiny if we do not believe we are superhuman beings?

i tell you this with great honesty, i am surely the example of the above statement. deep down, i do not believe i am great but merely a dot in this world making herself known. i add a little piece of inspiration, writing the reality of life and showing people how easy it is to become something you truly desire. the problem is, what you read here may not reflect all that can be. it has been my experience that truth comes at a price and when you realize this, sometimes your truth may not fit with the rest of the world.

there are also times when you can’t always speak the truth because of other forces beyond our control or because you have the inability to release that epic self. i don’t believe for one minute that people can’t see reasoning or themselves for what they are and who they represent. identity is such a complex issue that we will never really figure out what lies beneath the surface.

all we can do is be wonderful and caring to our own beliefs, our own sense of understanding and especially our own health.