.clearing space

as you can tell i believe i’ve landed on simple. it’s funny how we believe that by adding all kinds of different items, social networks, affiliates, it makes are website better but in actuality, it crowds it.
so here i am, seeking an epic tranquility and thinking, less is more. an old saying but so effective. it’s like when you “un-clutter” your home or a space you have neglected for so long, when you take a step back and look at it, the space is clear. the epic truth is if only we could do this with our minds. how wonderful we could feel, to just empty the unnecessary. the boxes keep filling and soon you find out there is no room for the reality.

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to be healthy, mind and body we must clear the way for better and deserving lessons. i can say, without a doubt i know my life would a whole lot better. how about you?

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