Cleaning your Emotional Clusters

i find myself thinking how epic my life is lately and how i have learned so many important ways to improve my well being | i wanted to share a few important realities.

when i say clusters i mean the clutter that lives within your brain or even within your life that is unnecessary. the little thoughts that over indulge your very core and make you feel as though life is unattainable and unmanageable. i have always seen myself as a victim of bad luck but the reality is life isn’t about luck or good fortune | it is about how you make your happiness work for the reality you live in. the question to ask yourself is | how can you make your life real and feel as though nothing can stop you?

never mind the outside environment, never mind the people who never believe in what you do or say and never mind that no matter what you do in a day to bring your happy forward there is always something or someone that gives you that negative aura that tries to bring you down.

find your happy place | be in the moment | remember where you are and what you are doing to have a more sane life | take time out for yourself and enjoy the little things and appreciate the effort you put into your wellness.