Cleaning Up Life and Moments

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there comes a time when clearing the air is good, when you feel as though every thing around you seems cluttered. the last few days I spent cleaning my office to make room for new things. I wonder why we keep the things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives and maybe it is because we feel attachments to them or is simply a need.

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when we need to let go of past fixations, relationships, regrets, we must clear the air. you must at all cost really set your mind to remind yourself that certain events and people were toxic and no longer need to be a part of your life.

in order to positive about new things, the future and better way of life, our minds must totally set in non destructive mode. it isn’t easy to do this after being sunk into a deep hole but I know this from experience, it take strength to be able to lift yourself back up. I think it is a method called “baby steps”; doing small things, one day at a time.

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