Change the focus

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it is time for an intervention; lately the focus has been about men, what they do, what they don’t do, how unsatisfied we are with what they give and don’t give or worse their complexities!

it has been suggested for years that women are so complex, men go with the flow. however, i can tell you from experience, no matter who i talk to, it is always the same thing.


some of you may not agree but let’s look at the facts. if a man needs something, he will make damn sure you are number one on his list. ex: cooking your favourite meal, sending you gifts unexpectedly, say the right things, make you feel like you’re the goddess in every sense of the word.

this my friends has to do with testosterone. when a man is at his peak level, his hormones reach out for whatever it will take to get what he desires. however, when those levels drop, shit hits the fan and that is when women are constantly questioning why men are ungrateful to their needs.

we bash, we complain, we throw in the towel immediately after rejection because we feel men should be attentive to our needs all the time. the problem is that we are constantly focused on them and not enough on ourselves. we need to change the direction as if to suggest their are no men in the world and fix the things we want by doing them ourselves.

why should we wait for the other shoe to drop when we can definitely go it alone and be at peace.

men and women will always be so different that we will never understand each other completely. all we can do is hope that if we do have a strong relationship, we can keep it by understanding and communicating our desires.


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