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where are we today? what has 2017 inspired you to do? or feel?

we have less than 22 days left this year and i am facing challenges and defeats every day but i can tell you if i look back and see how far my life has turned around, i am ultimately amazed. it has never been a question of can i do it, i just do it. i find a plan and organize things that suit my needs and wants. i truly believe if more people could see this reality, their lives would be blessed with epic adventure and certainly self love.

most people still do the regular resolutions for the up coming year ahead but i am certainly not doing that this year. time has a way of showing us that we cannot plan to far ahead. in order to survive this very moment, you have to live it and if you are not, you are missing the very best of everything.

i have two things on my mind these days, Christmas and my next trip. Christmas is a giving reason why i am thinking of it so much because i love it. the trip is going to be special in 2018 because my son is coming with me. not only will i NOT be alone this time but it warms my heart that he will share this epic place with me. i can show him there is a bigger world out there and how for only one week you can be so relaxed and appreciative of the life we have. he has never really traveled anywhere especially never on a plane, so i can’t wait to see how he reacts.

my thoughts: instead of resolutions, let’s just take a moment and think about what we have and be grateful for the life we have created. be epic, love unconditionally and accept those whom drives us totally crazy from time to time.


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