Change is coming

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i realize at the beginning of the month i quoted this was the month of love and that i was going speak about the subject but things change all the time and so does my thinking.

i the past few days, it has become apparent that people do not adapt to change very well and unfortunately chaos sets in. i am always intrigued by this emotion and why people are so routine, why not keep it interesting? i fear that people are never open to new ideas and when the world seems to be changing constantly, you would think people would adapt. i watched a movie the other day based in the 1700’s and i was amazed at how the setting was old like but classy. top hats, long dresses and even carriages, how we have come along way and why as we speak, people do not realize this constant revolving epic change.

for some i believe it is fear, others are just to damn stubborn to even attempt a difference. another word that comes to mind with this change is control, how often people in authority like to control every situation. i am also worried that not only is their an agenda in place, motive to destroy another person or more so push some to their very limit in order to evaluate a situation.

my fear is that i cannot show people this reasoning of my unconditional life and it is all for nothing. how does someone get so much power and fail at everything?

i accept everyone for who they are and what they believe in, therefore if i can change, why can’t they?

today’s thought: i guess i do realize i can’t make a difference i can only accept that as long as i am making myself happy, it is all that matters. do the work, stay sane and be realistic.


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