do you carry your junk

some of us carry our lives around like if we let shit go it will alter all that exists. regret, mistakes, experiences we would rather not talk about and if you think about it, what have we learned from all this?


this is life my friends – we do and say things we can never take back and most of us are capable of letting go when others can’t. read the epic


my latest epic is being connected or disconnected to life in general. so often we are disconnected with our surroundings, we miss the reality of living. life is precious and we should never ignore any moment.

there are signs everywhere telling us how to drive, advertisements about products and services and rules. what if all these signs turned into your life story – what if every time you turn around the sign said:

we miss the point to so many things – there is no guide to our lives, there is no great book to tell how to manage anything, all we have is our instincts and conditioning of the past. read the epic

life’s cross roads

i watch and admire many people around me, i see things most don’t and i do learn from everyone i meet. how epic is that?

most of us do not realize how important friendships, love, connections are until it is too late. but for some of us like me who tend to shy away from groups of people at a time – only because my job involves lots of people – have this fascination with lifetime developments. read the epic

.what do you fear

fear is one of the most common symptoms of mental illness, fear of failure, fear of reality, fear of not being good enough, the list goes on. those who suffer from lack of confidence become those who use and abuse substances. i think it is because when you are high or drunk, you become someone else, fearing nothing and caring about nothing. read the epic

how do we change

i have seen many changes in my life, mostly with myself but others as well. our character defines the very core of who we are and what we represent. but throughout the years, what affects us are the events and memories we have embedded into our minds and souls.

do they changes us? of course they do. read the epic

secrets, lies and goodbyes

do we really ever know who we are, what we represent and how our lives can affect the well-being of others. i think not | however, the only way to realize the strengths and weaknesses of others is by communication. so of us never learn how and are refraining from trying to understand the concept of opinion. read the epic

my little theory on life

it seems as though life always throws curve balls or there is some bigger force trying to test our ability to be patient and challenging. even when you think you have control over something, in reality you have no control at all and life seems to have a way.

i get very frustrated with this concept and for the life of me i just have this need to be in control of everything. read the epic