how do we change


i have seen many changes in my life, mostly with myself but others as well. our character defines the very core of who we are and what we represent. but throughout the years, what affects us are the events and memories we have embedded into our minds and souls.

do they changes us? of course they do. read the epic

secrets, lies and goodbyes


do we really ever know who we are, what we represent and how our lives can affect the well-being of others. i think not | however, the only way to realize the strengths and weaknesses of others is by communication. so of us never learn how and are refraining from trying to understand the concept of opinion. read the epic

my little theory on life


it seems as though life always throws curve balls or there is some bigger force trying to test our ability to be patient and challenging. even when you think you have control over something, in reality you have no control at all and life seems to have a way.

i get very frustrated with this concept and for the life of me i just have this need to be in control of everything. read the epic

how to tell if you are being lied too


there are some people who for some unknown reason feed off the misery of others. there are those who knowingly lie to you just to never face their reality. and then my friends there are those who want and try and make their business to know your business.

these people are the reason i live and breathe, to manipulate their brains into thinking they have won their battles when in the end i know my own inspirations and way of getting to the root of everything. read the epic

emotional diving


self awareness is one of the greatest strengths anyone can have and when you discover things about yourself you can either let it go or grow from it. however ask yourself whether it will be beneficial to look deeper or not.

i have been asked why i analyse everything | time has shown me the only way to understand something is to rip it apart and see what i can understand from any given situation. read the epic

the definition of absence


for those of you who for the most part feel unfulfilled | here is the post for you.

i have been wondering lately how many people are truly complete, filled with all that they want and need. i think back a few years when my square always had a small corner which was empty. my teacher said it was because there was something that just wasn’t complete in my life. read the epic

Planning The Future


one way or the other, life happens. which ever road we take, there is always something that alters your ideas and dreams.

what if the plan we had doesn’t work? what if the things we wanted, never become part of our future?

goals are always hard to define because we can work at something so hard and never really get exactly what we set out to do. read the epic

for the sake of keeping the peace


[T]hey are called two face people, the one’s that keep the peace for the sake of how they really feel. but how does this help any self loving situation?

[I]believe the truth may hurt but it is better than living a lie. when you don’t like someone and can’t stand to be around them why not just compromise the situation. read the epic

sanity is the best policy


what may be good for one person, may be unacceptable to another.

in recent days, i have thought so much about how when life throws you scary times, you start to look at life in a different way. maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the fact that i realized on my trip how precious time can be but nonetheless, i see people who act out in ungratefulness and wonder if they even for one single moment think of the impact they may have on others. read the epic

being alone and loneliness


some people can not deal with being alone, others are just lonely.  when loneliness sets in, some people find alternative ways to deal with this and often they aren’t positive things. others will reach out on a good level and find themselves enjoying quality time in the company of others.

i have always been a loner; i figured if i am alone i don’t have to worry about anything except what i need in that time and moment. read the epic

when the decisions are made


often, people talk about choices | i hate that word, i really do because i have always believed that no matter what choice made something always comes along and alters it.

we live according to what we believe to be satisfactory to our needs. i am sure at one time or another we lived for the purpose of guiding others | children | shaping them into what we want and hope they will grow into strong adults. read the epic