.a personal choice

what i see, no one else does. what i feel, no one else can. as life progresses, we look at what we have become and where we want to be but we cannot seem to live for what is here and now. we are so busy talking about mistakes we’ve made in the past, so that we do not repeat these events again for our future, that we simply forget what is good in the now. read the epic

.clearing space

as you can tell i believe i’ve landed on simple. it’s funny how we believe that by adding all kinds of different items, social networks, affiliates, it makes are website better but in actuality, it crowds it.
so here i am, seeking an epic tranquility and thinking, less is more. an old saying but so effective. read the epic

.can’t find what i am looking for

ever get the feeling, sometimes you just can’t get things right?

me. all the time.

crushing some ideas in my head for this epic blog and for some reason can’t find the right style and layout. i guess even when clearing one’s mind, nothing comes forward. it is like writer’s block only, to appeal to the readers, you try to find a way to make it look presentable and readable, ¬†however nothing comes. read the epic

epic suck of the day


layouts suck sometimes and i am just putting it out there. the reason i change the design is because of this….

this morning, i am faced with this challenge again.

it’s like life, when you want it to work it doesn’t because there are other variables.

on to search mode for an epic theme,. read the epic

epic review

as we are nearing the end of 2016, i find myself looking at life in great depth. changes, ideas, people, life and love have all been turned around and i see how busy i have become.

our bodies tell us when you need a break and epic is doing just that in December. i am taking a vacation and i can’t wait! read the epic

when does it all end

changes are inevitable and depending on the kind of person you are changes can forever alter your lifestyle. but what happens when so many things have changed you lose focus on the moment? the reality?

we all want to better ourselves, we all want to be great, we all want to live the lives we had hoped. read the epic

teaching unconditional love

unconditional meaning acceptance of one human to another in all aspects of their existence.

whether we do right or wrong, unconditional love means being able to accept that other person. we are creatures of our own deceptions and even when we believe that logic is the best course of action towards a loved one, sometimes that logic is shit. read the epic