.keeping it simple

part of personal growth is learning what makes you happy and what doesn’t work. in the last year, i have learned many things about myself and this weekend, i had another experience that made me realize why i get disappointed all the time. in relationships, we expect things to go Continue Reading

.truth and trust

how can you be who you want to be if you can’t tell the truth or trust the one’s around you? living in fear of judgement and constant restraints can be one of the most difficult ways of living. we often hide the real shadow of who we actually are Continue Reading

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.taking a time out

as children, we all know parents put us in a time out as punishment for bad behavior. honestly, as an adult, we should this more for our own well being. it really wasn’t a bad behavior situation but it was really about giving the adult a period of relax and Continue Reading

.the journey of life

sometimes, life is unfair. it traps us into thinking we are epic and in the end we find out it was all a dream. most inspiring people have the ability to love themselves enough to never care what others do or say. how grand it would be if we could Continue Reading

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Life experiences

can you remember a time when you kept wishing for more? when we were younger, we would say i can’t wait to be an adult and then we became an adult and we wished we were younger. i see different types of people and personalities on a daily basis, some Continue Reading

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.children work relationships

sometimes i think our lives are unsettled because we seek a deeper meaning.   when someone opens your eyes, you take that moment and realize life is full of adjectives. rarely do we stop and think there is meaning behind a moment but only to value its existence. my unconditional Continue Reading

.working on things

ever get the feeling that your whole life is a bubble waiting to burst? i hate it when you think you have it ‘nip’ in the butt and then ‘BAM’ more shit happens. altering life to continuously fix your own needs is very exhausting. i can’t even begin to tell Continue Reading