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Build Your Foundation

I have not spoke about relationships in a long time. So focused on life and work that the ideal relationship, whether between personal or professional has just been a shadow. At one time or another, you just realize that the people who matter most will be there. i guess you Continue Reading

Where is Your Oasis

let’s get down to business. i have been really busy these days and my personal writing has taken a set back. so let’s get real! as we in full swing of summer, i am so glad not to mention this weekend i will start the process of set up the Continue Reading

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Just Do It

we all have ghosts, we all have many ideas that get shot to the ground and we have to ask ourselves, why bother? as a child growing up, i felt as though all my ambitions were lesser than most and every time i wanted to do something really important, something Continue Reading

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Just For Today

i believe in life we fear to make harsh decisions because we know exactly the outcome. when something is easy, we do not hesitate, we just do it and go. other times, places, people, ideas come with the responsibility we know will certainly make us and shape our well being. Continue Reading

A Waterfall Flows

so most people take something and never question it. they do or say or feel in their own moment and that is just the way it is. others, will analyze something until they can no longer find any reasoning only because their probably isn’t any in the first place. then Continue Reading