query or not


my thoughts these days are about writing a query letter in hopes to get an agent.


the only way to get a publisher to notice you, after google hit me in the face and said so, is to find an agent. i think personally it is a lot of work, more so than self publishing however when you want the world to notice you need the best. read the epic

Epic Facebook Games


epic blow up Facebook Games! who was in their right minds when they invented these games? candy crush my A** it’s more like mind crush.

we spend countless hours playing these games just to get to the next level. our minds are possessed by the sheer beauty of getting that bomb to blow or collecting ideas that hold no value. read the epic

the time is now


my how time goes by and 2017 is just around the corner.

my thoughts this morning are about life and what everyone is thinking of accomplishing this next year. do we really live in the moment are we constantly worried about the future or even living in the past.

taking a deep inventory of ourselves should be a priority, where am i , what am i looking for, what are my ambitions and how am i going to live completely. read the epic

great loves are like great songs


music helps the soul, it can say something you can’t say out loud, it can fill your heart with joy or sorrow.

the only thing i can really compare it too is love. i believe all great songs have a story and with that comes people and love. my two favourite things in the world. both of which have taught me so much throughout the years and every time i hear a song, i think of a time and place when the meaning of that song inspired me. read the epic

it is what it is | acceptance


driving to ambition, living for hope, determination because we, believe in something

i believe most people are disillusioned by their own personal experiences, thinking that either they can make a difference in the world or be greater than they are. my thoughts and feelings are ¬†they are hiding from the reality of life. they don’t want to deal with the fact that our lives are not that exciting, that we have to just live our lives according to what is normal and most of all they really don’t tune in to reality. read the epic