.children work relationships

sometimes i think our lives are unsettled because we seek a deeper meaning.


when someone opens your eyes, you take that moment and realize life is full of adjectives. rarely do we stop and think there is meaning behind a moment but only to value its existence. my unconditional love has vanished and knowing this makes me question my deeper desires. much need answers to a question lately: “why am i not happy?”

for … want to know the rest?

.working on things

ever get the feeling that your whole life is a bubble waiting to burst? i hate it when you think you have it ‘nip’ in the butt and then ‘BAM’ more shit happens.

altering life to continuously fix your own needs is very exhausting. i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i wish i could simplify everything and forget all the chaos.  the incredible thing about this is that when you communicate … want to know the rest?

.unconditional feelings

as my week soon comes to an end in mexico, i revisit what i have learned on this journey.

people, places and weather may differ from our own but in the end we are all similar creatures. i think what is important is really our own values and accepting others for who they and what they love.

last night, it hit me how important it was for my niece to accept her new fiance. … want to know the rest?

.my biggest problem

when someone quits something, it is usually for good reasons. some may say it is giving up or lack of caring, maybe the idea of responsibility scares them. i believe that in life, we do things that we do not like and it physically and mentally destroys the better part of our self.

i am at that point. in this day and age, people just don’t care enough anymore and no matter what you do … want to know the rest?

the slum bum chum

there are days we know are better than others and sometimes our thinking can be clouded by shit. yes i said shit because in my reality, shit happens and for some odd reason, i feel as though life has thrown me so many curve balls i should be staring in my own baseball league.

the logic will exclaim it is what you do with life that makes it but honestly i think it is again … want to know the rest?