life is short


lifestyle changes become necessary when one is faced with challenges. i always pride myself in living in the moment and push comes to shove, i take no changes with the reality of life.

the deeper issue is how we appear to others in any  given situation, thoughts of how we conduct ourselves, speak, react and how sometimes forget where life is taking us. read the epic

living under a rock


it has become apparent that most people live under a rock and those who do are very good people.

we, the all mighty who still believe everything can be fixed, struggle on a daily basis, frustrated with the attitude of others. we cannot for the life of us understand why so many people choose to lie, cheat, feed on negativity and most of all try and make us believe they are better than the rest of us. read the epic

i refuse to change


being aware of ones’ own wellness can take a lot of work. the problem lies when you realize you are gifted with certain conditions that you refuse to change.

my gift are people | i can read people | i know when a person is a certain way or when and where or how they lives our played out. read the epic

the truth will set you free


do you have a secret that is eating you up inside and if revealed may break a relationship?

i landed on my favourite epic inspiration Oprah life class lessons, watching the lesson below it made me very aware of something i have been keeping a secret. in any relationship we must at all cost be honest not only with ourselves but with our partner and the reality is we don’t always tell each other everything i believe for fear it might hurt the other person. read the epic

judging someone based on their feelings


i had a conversation with my father yesterday which for the first two hours left me crying my eyes out and then over the next few hours left me in deep thought.

let me explain a little about my father…he is a man whom doesn’t really understand love and will forever speak his mind whatever the situation |

yesterday was also my oldest son’s birthday | whom of which is still in a rehabilitation centre for the millionth time and will soon be released. read the epic

why are choices reveal our life


for some of us, life can make us realize things we really could never accept about ourselves and the epic reality sets in, you question all of your decision abilities.

i am no stranger to trials and tribulations of life, relationships, friendships and mixed families, although i am not an expert, i still feel i have said and done enough to grant this epic story. read the epic

Social Etiquette


it has come to my attention that certain people are not aware of social etiquette. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…should not be used as an outlet to advise people of what you are eating, who you are sleeping with, how you are feeling on any given day and especially the stuff that really is of no concern to anyone but yourself. read the epic

it is what it is | acceptance


driving to ambition, living for hope, determination because we, believe in something

i believe most people are disillusioned by their own personal experiences, thinking that either they can make a difference in the world or be greater than they are. my thoughts and feelings are  they are hiding from the reality of life. they don’t want to deal with the fact that our lives are not that exciting, that we have to just live our lives according to what is normal and most of all they really don’t tune in to reality. read the epic

keeping it simple


part of personal growth is learning what makes you happy and what doesn’t work.

in the last year, i have learned many things about myself and this weekend, i had another experience that made me realize why i get disappointed all the time. in relationships, we expect things to go a certain way; wanting things, hoping your partner will do or say the right things at the right time, however this is not the case. read the epic

Gossip The Truth


lately i have noticed people gossip about anything. the fun part about that, is you can tell someone a story and by the time it reaches the next person and the next, the story has changed so much you have no idea what the truth is.

the sad part about this, is if you are going to tell a story that someone has told you, at least get your facts right. read the epic

validate your existence


people who prefer to be alone, single, it is because they fear rejection. all our lives, we are conditioned to find a mate, marry and consummate. well let me give you a bit of information. nowadays you don’t even need  any of the above to be completely happy and satisfied with your existence. it appears more and more people are single and i truly believe their reasons are their own but for the most part it is because they feel a need to protect themselves from hurt. read the epic

the moral of the story


i seen this quote this morning and i realized how true it is.

love…the only thing other than death and taxes that can’t be deleted or forgotten and no matter how you try to ignore it, it is embedded in you for life.

the truth is can be many things and once you find it, true love, you cannot ignore it. read the epic