.truth and trust

how can you be who you want to be if you can’t tell the truth or trust the one’s around you?

living in fear of judgement and constant restraints can be one of the most difficult ways of living. we often hide the real shadow of who we actually are because we are conditioned too. far too often, hiding the true nature can destroy our very existence and may to say the very least hurt our life. read the epic

.engage in the now

for some of us, our very existence depends upon the events of the past. life experiences teach us how to be and not be but it is what we do with those experiences that make us who we are today. i often see people dwelling on what was or what could have been that they never really fully live in their own moment. read the epic

find your moment

we all need to relax, we all need time to recharge ourselves, forget about the hectic work week or the outside world. most of us really do not know how to do this – we are forever thinking life will stop without doing this or doing that. what you don’t know is if you are constantly on the go, you will burn out. read the epic

embrace your journey

to often we forget why we are here and learning to live that life we were given is sometimes very complicated and unclear.

how can we define our purpose and be happy with the results?

we stress over work, daily living, meaningless actions and never really consider of one simple idea. serenity! some people know how to take time out to enjoy the things that make them calm and at peace. read the epic

horrible days

everyone has bad days, yesterday was mine. i can’t begin to tell how frustrating people can be and sometimes indexing my compartment boxes are next to impossible.

the hardest part is when you are trying to do good things and it feels as though the bad out ways everything. communication and understanding take a back seat and you are left with the feeling not one person could ever fix this frustrations. read the epic

what is this world coming too

there comes a time in our lives when decisions need to be made and those may be a situation, an issue that needs resolving or just something that needs attention.

i have learned in my life, think before you speak is a great tool. there is a logic to everything and sometimes logic isn’t enough. there are those who think that expression is the key to communicating, that most people will understand what is about to happen is a form of revenge. read the epic

life is short

lifestyle changes become necessary when one is faced with challenges. i always pride myself in living in the moment and push comes to shove, i take no changes with the reality of life.

the deeper issue is how we appear to others in any  given situation, thoughts of how we conduct ourselves, speak, react and how sometimes forget where life is taking us. read the epic

living under a rock

it has become apparent that most people live under a rock and those who do are very good people.

we, the all mighty who still believe everything can be fixed, struggle on a daily basis, frustrated with the attitude of others. we cannot for the life of us understand why so many people choose to lie, cheat, feed on negativity and most of all try and make us believe they are better than the rest of us. read the epic