if you were a song

today, I am working on tensions and as mine are running very high this week, I must find things that ease my mind as well as my existence. the fun part about self-development, you can learn so many new things about yourself you never knew and work with it.… proceed

Abandonment & Self Worth


this morning, I come to you with a very strong message. there are certain things in life that people don’t believe but one thing I have is my dreams. I do not sleep well and most of the time, when it is an intense dream, I turn to Google for dream descriptions.… proceed

The need to feel important

ever notice when you are in a crowded room there is always that one person that stands out more than others?

scary thought to be the center of attention all the time and that person doesn’t even realize it most of the time. what makes it so interesting is sitting back and watching how people interact with all kinds of characters.… proceed