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500 miles

ever do crazy things in your life? things out of the ordinary that just makes you feel epic? i do that. a song, a moment, a time when nothing could stop you from living the life you want. what happens to those moments? i wonder why people just stop believing Continue Reading

How I Stood Still for A Moment

sometimes we must take a step back in order to understand the next step. this week my thoughts have been solely on work and reading all other blogs around social media. Purpose? To get fresh ideas and thoughts. I want to see what others really do online, what they write, Continue Reading

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I truly believe we were all put on this earth for a reason. some of us have not found that reason or some of us are still looking for the purpose to which we exist. either way, the fact remains, life will take you in the direction it is meant Continue Reading

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In Right Place

We all have places we feel most comfortable and when those places aren’t readily available to us, we must find a way to create that illusion. People who truly know me and have read my blog for years now know that my epic place is the ocean however i do Continue Reading

I Don’t Know

there are times when you feel as though all your efforts are gone to waste. time, money, planning and even your dreams seem so unattainable. i often take solitude in order to quiet the noise but separating these excessive ideas can be somewhat difficult. i am trying so hard to Continue Reading