.the time is now

my how time goes by and 2017 is just around the corner.   my thoughts this morning are about life and what everyone is thinking of accomplishing this next year. do we really live in the moment are we constantly worried about the future or even living in the past. Continue Reading

.special gifts

every once in a while, you receive a special gift. yesterday was my day! people think you have to spend loads of money to make christmas happen but i feel it is always the thought that counts. a friend i work with gave a wonderful personalized card and i can Continue Reading

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.sharing and giving

i listen and watched a video today about a woman who heard the voice of jesus, only to feed a homeless man. i am happy she found this inspiration if it helps her in her every day life but when i think about this, i am faced with the realization Continue Reading

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.stand up

how do you feel when you are spoken too? how do you feel when people constantly bring you down? believing you are less than better than others can really affect your lifestyle. it can affect your mental health and ability to dream big. there is no one in the world Continue Reading

.first i am woman

there is a fine line between being aware of who you are and what you are actually. most people do not consider the possibility that even though we carry many titles in our lives, we are first and foremost woman or man. titles are what we do and not who Continue Reading

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when the dust settles

there comes a time in your life when you have to take charge of your own personal well being. often we forget that we are human and our bodies and minds give us signs, it’s time to take a break. i am the worse at this because i truly believe Continue Reading

generalizing life and people

there’s an old saying, keep your friends closer and your enemies closer so true when it comes to people in general, how they can manipulate a situation or turn a story around. some even defy the very essence of your beliefs and some will undoubtedly do things you really find Continue Reading