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.time can make you stand still

emotional roller coasters, how dangerous they are and how effective they can be on our lives. i have mentioned, from time to time, how i dream and how real my dreams are. last night was an immense force of past issues. i say that because i know in my mind, it stems from editing my book yesterday, bringing up old past mistakes and regrets.

Image result for colorful wallpaperi really do think if i could erase about 10 years of my life, i would be smarter. unfortunately, if you think about it, erasing parts of your life would only alter the future, the now, the present time would not be the same as it is.

why is it so easy to dismiss parts of your life and others haunt read the epic

.getting epic

it is often said hitting rock bottom helps those who have no direction, no will to see the light or worse no ambition to do better. i pride myself on emphasizing this moment because i know my life is just not quite where i want it to be.

white & ampersand sculpture: i can’t give specifics on what bothers me the most, only because the people who read this, find it their goal to point the finger but i can say that yesterday, driving around, thinking about where and when i would like my life to be, i found it easy to rearrange things. past, present and future, experiences that have shown me the errors of life, frustration sets in and there is no where to go. this path read the epic

how to survive the unexpected

well i made it to my destination! i feel as though i have been away from my laptop for days but with being busy and soaking up the sun, i finally settled in my own place and as usual things weren’t as they seemed.

i always know that life can throw you and we, as i have said many times, never goes the way it should. but i am smart girl and that is my challenge today, realizing that although i can run into so much bullshit, expect the unexpected and surviving it is something we should take pride in.

this morning, the one thing i enjoy or am routine to do still with my coffee, in the breeze and write. well. my condo’s coffee read the epic

generalizing life and people

there’s an old saying, keep your friends closer and your enemies closer

so true when it comes to people in general, how they can manipulate a situation or turn a story around. some even defy the very essence of your beliefs and some will undoubtedly do things you really find unacceptable. for example perception is a very dangerous word; in the eyes of some, things may be perceived in a very different way than others think. saying or doing something that is unacceptable to other may throw many red flags to an individual. we have to see things for what they really are and hope that in the end we grow with our own wellness not for the sake of others.

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people who are insecure, read the epic