people need a reality check

there are many ways to live your life and most of mine has been somewhat real and otherwise the pretend game.

recent events have lead me to unfold more truths about myself and i feel as though i have had a break through with my reality. saying it out loud seems like the bigger thing but sitting here writing it is much more appealing as i love to go back and read what i wrote many moons from now. read the epic

feeling a connection

lately, my creativity has taken a set back and unfortunately i was feeling ‘bla’. as you can tell, this website has found it’s new Epic and i am proud of it.

i have been busy with many things lately, being unable to keep one thought straight in my head, therefore, taking one box out at a time seemed impossible. read the epic

losing my mind

i used to be such a great creator and blogger and i have noticed that my mind is all over the place lately.

what the hell does that mean?

i laugh to think that men use only one box at a time and it isn’t such a bad thing. i believe although women are capable of using more than one box at a time, should limit their thought patterns in order to keep focused. read the epic

for better or worse

i find myself thinking of two things since yesterday and they are death and marriage.

let’s start with marriage…

years ago, i would have never dreamed of being married again it has haunted me for years now that the idea of having your soul partner, knowing they would stay with your until death do you part, would be such a miraculous thing. read the epic

the same old thing

lately, life is stale. not sure why but it seems my night dreams are more intense than ever and more exciting than my reality. questioning our lives means we are restless and want to create a more inviting, refreshing way of living.

the same old thing, get up, get dressed, go to work and come home do it all over again. read the epic

if i could rewrite my life

When you stop and think for a moment, look at your life, sometimes you question everything…you ask yourself if all that you have done has been fulfilling, if your great plan for life was exactly as you intended or if you totally see how you messed all of your expectations.

the old saying goes “you can’t change the past but you can alter the future”.
read the epic