Epic Facebook Games

epic blow up Facebook Games! who was in their right minds when they invented these games? candy crush my A** it’s more like mind crush.

we spend countless hours playing these games just to get to the next level. our minds are possessed by the sheer beauty of getting that bomb to blow or collecting ideas that hold no value. read the epic

and the rooster crows

i woke up this morning thinking what the hell am i doing in the house when i can be outside doing my writing. therefore, stepping out into the nice warm air is so amazing i can’t even begin to tell you how i can breathe easy. i feel very relaxed here, i think it’s the sea air, it has that affect on me. read the epic

sunrise in texas

well my fellow readers i finally landed! after a very long day of travelling, soreness throughout my body but glad to be in the land of the palm trees. i don’t know what it is with me but between the sea air and palm trees i find it beautiful.

i texted back home to find out they woke up to a big blanket of white snow. read the epic

free speech how far can you take it

i am reaching out to millions of people because the idea of free speech has become slightly limited.

some people go out of their way to hurt others just by saying slanderous things, bullying those who can not protect themselves and harassing in an inappropriate way. i believe it has gone far to long we must as citizens take action! read the epic

believe in who you are

there is so much tension and lack of epic reality these days, i wonder how we can survive. humans are condition in a way only they themselves see fit. lack of respect is one of the most powerful characteristic i see in my daily living and for me there is no justification for it.

why can’t we just be respectful of others? read the epic

.how far would you go to get noticed

in today’s society, i believe people say or do things to get noticed. be it as i may seem, some things said are slanderous and can cause pain or hurt feelings.

i truly see the reactions of things said and what people don’t realize is how it can affect a person’s well being. i think, people should take a second look at the ‘run of mouth’. read the epic

.stresses of life

so i decided i wanted new glasses, went in got a really good deal….

two weeks later still no glasses.

initially they came in within 7 days, i was really excited. went in to get fitted and OOOPPSSSS! one lenses was clearly wrong. so they ordered another lens. within a few days, they had still not cut the lenses, wait another few days. read the epic