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.look before you leap

this morning i find myself thinking about emotions, feelings of dislike and why? because in times of need, it doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike someone, when they are in a difficult situation, you must be empathetic or is it duty?…

.how to win

there is a fine line between knowing what you can do and what is actually accomplished. you can have a master plan but sometimes the alterations can cause a diversion.…

.it is what it is live with it

greatness can only be achieved with you live in a unrealistic bubble or are fortunate enough to have a horseshoe up your ass. i don’t care who you are, where you live or how you were raised, you can’t achieve anything in life without the power of bullshit.…

.the old shoe

a friend of mine said: ” we go back to the familiar, it is like an old shoe”.

relationship failure brings doubt, low self esteem, the uncontrollable urge to make things right and as we try and try again to fix it, we ask ourselves why we can’t break free from the familiar.…

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