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you just decide

i see far to many people fail at this thing called life, broken dreams, what ifs, lost ambition, sacrifice | where does it all go?

i truly believe whom ever you are, popular or not, you have to make the decision to do what is right for you and what fits your lifestyle needs. there is no wrong or right answer to life’s questions because everyone is different. read the epic

the importance of friendships

i have come realize and i’ve known for a long time that people come and go in your life. what irritates me are the ones that seem to care and really don’t. ever feel that way?

i am sure most of you do; the hard part is realizing how important these people are before you get hurt by them. read the epic

what i know now

life is hard, i have heard it said it doesn’t have to be but life is full of bullshit and detours we never expect. it doesn’t matter how structured you are or how disciplined you can be, sometimes life takes turns.

i see so many lives being altered by society, it has to be said : WTF! read the epic

philosophy versus reality

“a man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them” – Sigmund Freud

proper behaviour, do we really know what that is? we were taught from time of birth, growing up in different cultures and societies, certain behaviours are unacceptable. some are simple, normal and others quite outrageous. i had a giggle yesterday, standing in line at a department store, watching, learning, behaviour of humans thinking how polite we have to be in the customer service world. read the epic