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A Commitment To Be Happy

I found this article and wanted to share it, only because it is exactly what i am going through. Thank you for taking the time to read this.…

.thinking for myself

the reason we interact with people is because it is human nature. but respect is something that is so foreign to most people it bares a standing ovation.…

.you just decide

i see far to many people fail at this thing called life, broken dreams, what ifs, lost ambition, sacrifice | where does it all go?

i truly believe whom ever you are, popular or not, you have to make the decision to do what is right for you and what fits your lifestyle needs.…

what is on the agenda

most of us can fulfil their days with absolutely nothing to do. others need to “pre-plan” everything in order to keep focus. i think humans in general go about their daily business as it is in their own personal life.…

uncontrollable feelings

as we start a new week i want to share with you very personal feelings.

my thoughts are everywhere, the feelings of anxiety, forgetting things, can’t keep one thought in my head and i feel as though i have been hit by a big wave of something that i cannot understand.…

upfront and personal

ya know what bites my ass? people who lie, cheat, say things that make no sense in order to make themselves feel better.

i hate fake people – why can’t we all just be who we are and say what we want?…

the importance of friendships

i have come realize and i’ve known for a long time that people come and go in your life. what irritates me are the ones that seem to care and really don’t.…

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