ungrateful for life and love

being ungrateful is like rejection; it makes you realize how much of yourself you have given to people only to have them suck the life right out of you. what are you left with? nothing.

the desire to bitch everyone out because you feel cheated out of all the happiness that could have been. now, standing alone, i realize the men in my life have done this to me. most of you will say YOU decide how people treat you or how you react to any given situation. but when it comes to love, you believe that person wholly and truthfully hoping that you won’t be taken for granted. however, in the real world, this is not true. as time progresses, my recent heart break has its ups and downs.

how is it some people can just walk away from a long term relationship and never look back? because they don’t give a shit! they have taken whatever they needed from you and leave you when it no longer works for them. ignoring, deleting becomes the main event in their lives until they move on to another. that’s another thing, how is it so easy for others to jump another? no morals. possibly! believing that another will make you forget is a distraction for the reality of the situation. you never can deal with emotions within by covering it up with someone else. i feel very cheated out of love, i am honest, i never lie, i never cheat and i especially don’t jump another person after a recent break up.

my moral today: life goes on and so will i but i do pity the next bugger who comes near me.

the difference between love and like

if you were to take a look at your current relationship, can you say you love that person you are with or are just in it for the sake of being with someone?

i know to many people who are in relationships because they either don’t like being alone or are trying to cover up a previous pain.

“the old saying, how to forget another is get under another”

unfortunately, these are both ‘faux pas’ because all you are doing is living in the same past experiences. the only way to learn to be in a great relationship is to understand and really dig deep into yourself. finding the true things that make you want to be in a relationship and knowing why you pick certain individuals is crucial to any future love.

i hate hypocrites, the ones that use people for their own gain especially when it comes to men and women. i keep asking the same question over and over again why do we have to pretend to be someone else or like someone if we really don’t?

be honest. tell someone if you have doubts, if you are unsure of what direction you want any relationship to go and most of all if you really don’t like the person, tell them. don’t waste their time and yours on something that will never be love.

the circle of life and love

this week has been quite interesting but less than desirable. what i learned was your heart is the most important part of your body because with it comes feelings. it doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are or how you think your head can’t control your well-being, when your heart is broken, nothing else works.

you are struck with an overwhelming gush of emotions, you feel as though life is totally unfair and for the post part you feel as though no one can ever understand or feel the way you feel. you keep you head up, doing what you are expected to do but every second you know deep down that complicated mix of emotions takes over.

life is full of experiences, wants, desires and depending on the events, you surely can take the biggest ride of your life. sometimes when people come and go into this life you have to ask yourself what the hell just happened. poof! one minute life is going one way and then poof! their gone again.

how do you justify these actions?


you don’t. what you can do is either tell them to ‘fuck off’ of just go with it. think of it as big lessons and never look back because if you do, you will certainly be taken for an even bigger ride. know that your decisions are built with the intent to keep your sanity.

emotions are hard and some of us have more than others. we can accept that but know this: those who feel nothing, have nothing!

how complicated are emotions

i am going to men bash this morning…

men play games – they really do and maybe they don’t realize they do it but it’s a fact. i am surrounded by women who talk about their men all the time and these are the things i hear:

he is selfish, he says things he doesn’t mean, he doesn’t answer when asked a direct question, he’s not motivated, and i think the best one is ‘if he is lying, he’s cheating!

i am sure there are more but i don’t have all day to write this.

what is it about men that make them react this way? the good ones probably do this too but they have been with their spouses so long that she probably just puts up with it or has learned to control the situation so much that the man fears any kind of change in the relationship.

Truth ! Why do so many people give up after they get comfortable? If you truly love them, you will always be willing to show them that they are important to you.. you can be comfortable and still passionate about each other... if your right for each other of course...

personally i believe this is so detrimental to women to treat us like push overs because you know deep down we love you so much that we will jump at the slightest show of love or affection. the problem is we aren’t strong enough to say ‘fuck you’ when push comes to shove. we don’t know that maybe just maybe we really don’t need you in our lives because it is familiar.

it isn’t that…WE HATE REJECTION!

men get with it…remember a time when you wanted sex and we would say, ‘oh, i am not in the mood? this is why so many men cheat because their peckers are the first thing on their minds. when it isn’t being fulfilled they look for ways to get it. once they do, then you are the shinning star in their life again.

it’s clear. men can no longer treat women who truly love them like garbage; we need to feel respected and loved both at the same time. if you truly love your woman, you should show it all the time even when she is not happy. if you don’t, then stop playing the head games. it is exhausting, heart wrenching and just totally confusing.

who’s complicated now?

and by the way, it isn’t hard to express emotion or feelings, it’s called COMMUNICATION! look it up in the dictionary if you have forgotten the definition.

the undeserving feeling

today marks yet another day of losing something; i had a moment earlier thinking about things i have worked very hard for all my life and most of which either get taken away or i lose them because things just happen. you give and give in hopes of getting back exactly what you put into something and then poof! you lose more than you put out. the smallest things seem out of reach and for whatever reason seem impossible to gain back.

so what is this law of attraction? why is it that when putting my positive energy, gifts, love, thankfulness, etc…it turns out negative? my thought this morning was that i am not deserving; maybe i really don’t deserve the good life that i was supposed to have or even the life that i really work hard at every day.people will tell you that you get what you put out but i feel most of time, circumstances around you make it so impossible to attain these goals or dreams. acceptance is another word that comes to mind; by accepting what we have, we are suppose to feel abundance, gratefulness. but what happened to all that work for more and it all gets taken away for some reason? why is everything i want and need just out of my reach?

the unfortunate thing about all these feelings are regrets. i start thinking of everything i have done, whom i have done things with and feel angry for losing all the things i had, things i really put my heart and soul into and within moments, had them slip out from underneath me. law of attraction – seriously, kiss my ass!

.the choice of letting go

the choice between loving someone unconditionally and feeling hurt or the choice to love yourself enough to know better when to cut the cord… that is the question of the day.

a friend of mine is going through a situation i am very familiar with and last night, for the first time, i finally understood her pain. the struggle she is feeling is the difference between the heart and the head and i can tell you, no one can understand that until you have experienced it. i have.

letting go of something you feel so strongly about is one of the hardest lessons anyone can learn. you keep asking yourself the questions why can’t this just be simple; it is like painting a perfect picture in your heart and yet in your mind you know it isn’t healthy. they say dreams are what keeps us alive but when it comes to the matter of the heart, this dream is a barrier between sanity and logic. so how do you cut the cord? my experience – one day you will wake up and realize, you don’t need that dream, that unrealistic fantasy but until then, you need to know that your feelings are your own and no one can change that.

listen to your heart, love them at a distance and know that it is perfectly ok to feel those unconditional crazy ass emotions.