.practice what you preach

there are many people who are ready to give advice, tell you the things  you already know and some things you really don’t want to hear. but when it comes to listening, you have to ask yourself, do they really?

some even preach the whole idea of loving you with their whole heart, wanting a life time commitment and in the end they hide behind their own shadow of fear. there are also people i … want to know the rest?

how to factor someone in your life

i have had two great loves in my life, both have failed and left me very disappointed and burned by the fact they cannot factor me in their lives. not to mention they have issues with commitment, therefore i have asked myself time and time again, why i keep going back to this kind of unhealthy relationships?

the last three days i have been a series of questions and silence. my current love has left … want to know the rest?

.when things are just not right

what i have noticed this week are my struggles with life and people. the ultimate question this week is whether it is important or not but i find myself struggling with the fact that no matter how hard i try to make things smooth, i am still not satisfied with anything.

yesterday, i got a horrible phone call from my son and my thoughts were i wanted to go and rescue him from this massive … want to know the rest?

letting go of what no longer serves a purpose

i thought i knew everything about unconditional love and the power it holds. what i didn’t realize is that when you see signs that it no longer serves you | meaning is fulfilling your core | we must let it go.


although we fight to the end to keep something alive that isn’t | realistically | going to make our future, we know in the end it is only a mere reflection of what … want to know the rest?

removing the junk

[W]hat happens when you finally feel empty?

[T]he reason we set out on a journey of self discovery is to decide whether the ‘junk’ we carry around is valuable. the only way to really be at peace with ourselves is to eliminate the ‘stuff’ that really doesn’t matter in order to see clear for our new way of living.

[P]ersonal growth, being a lifetime commitment, gives us insight on things, feelings, thoughts and understanding on … want to know the rest?