removing the junk

[W]hat happens when you finally feel empty?

[T]he reason we set out on a journey of self discovery is to decide whether the ‘junk’ we carry around is valuable. the only way to really be at peace with ourselves is to eliminate the ‘stuff’ that really doesn’t matter in order to see clear for our new way of living. read the epic

.fighting harder

this week i have been lacking in my writing only because life has taken much of my time. we all have to work for a living and once the day is done, i have no energy for anything. my brain hurts, my body tells me to slow down or lay down, which ever comes first.

so it’s Sunday, our wonderful Canadian holiday, Thanksgiving. read the epic

ungrateful for life and love

being ungrateful is like rejection; it makes you realize how much of yourself you have given to people only to have them suck the life right out of you. what are you left with? nothing.

the desire to bitch everyone out because you feel cheated out of all the happiness that could have been. now, standing alone, i realize the men in my life have done this to me. read the epic

the circle of life and love

this week has been quite interesting but less than desirable. what i learned was your heart is the most important part of your body because with it comes feelings. it doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are or how you think your head can’t control your well-being, when your heart is broken, nothing else works. read the epic

how complicated are emotions

i am going to men bash this morning…

men play games – they really do and maybe they don’t realize they do it but it’s a fact. i am surrounded by women who talk about their men all the time and these are the things i hear:

he is selfish, he says things he doesn’t mean, he doesn’t answer when asked a direct question, he’s not motivated, and i think the best one is ‘if he is lying, he’s cheating! read the epic