ungrateful for life and love


being ungrateful is like rejection; it makes you realize how much of yourself you have given to people only to have them suck the life right out of you. what are you left with? nothing.

the desire to bitch everyone out because you feel cheated out of all the happiness that could have been. now, standing alone, i realize the men in my life have done this to me. read the epic

the circle of life and love


this week has been quite interesting but less than desirable. what i learned was your heart is the most important part of your body because with it comes feelings. it doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are or how you think your head can’t control your well-being, when your heart is broken, nothing else works. read the epic

how complicated are emotions


i am going to men bash this morning…

men play games – they really do and maybe they don’t realize they do it but it’s a fact. i am surrounded by women who talk about their men all the time and these are the things i hear:

he is selfish, he says things he doesn’t mean, he doesn’t answer when asked a direct question, he’s not motivated, and i think the best one is ‘if he is lying, he’s cheating! read the epic

the undeserving feeling


today marks yet another day of losing something; i had a moment earlier thinking about things i have worked very hard for all my life and most of which either get taken away or i lose them because things just happen. you give and give in hopes of getting back exactly what you put into something and then poof! read the epic

sex love or romance


i used to believe i knew everything about true love, what it was, what it represented and how to see the signs. i guess over the years, love for me has faded and on the odd occasion when i feel i have rediscovered what was lost, i see it only as a imagine of what once was. read the epic

the art of marriage


people who have been burned more than once, look at marriage as a plague. they vow to never take the plunge again and yet they fail to see the beauty in the constitution. what i see is that it is marriage they fear it is the idea of being tied down to one person, losing the freedom of themselves and seeing only $$ signs for the future. read the epic

in the end you know who loves you


it’s funny how when in the most important moments, it’s those who remember you that you keep near to your heart. you think and wonder why you even bothered to be in the presence of certain individuals because you knew in the end they would not be there whatever the situation.

so now you ask yourself millions of questions as to whether choices you made were the right ones or if the world is just a fucked up place and you can’t seem to grasp people’s morals and values. read the epic