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.what do i know

nothing. really, i am not kidding. i have been writing shit for years about relationships, life, love, past experiences and still i ask that simple question:  is it all worth it? i used to thrive on knowledge, knowing is growing as they say and for what this is worth, i Continue Reading

The strength of the heart

relationships of all kinds makes us realize how strong our hearts can be. we love, we like, we give our all and then in the end, we ask ourselves the ultimate question when the heart is broken: why me? what did i do? we try and validate the answer by Continue Reading

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what is on the agenda

most of us can fulfil their days with absolutely nothing to do. others need to “pre-plan” everything in order to keep focus. i think humans in general go about their daily business as it is in their own personal life. whether work, play, duty, our days must consist of something Continue Reading

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.where have i been

what and where has worth been? busy. life happens and my writing has suffered for it but much needed attention was needed elsewhere. good things come to those who wait but sometimes if you wait to long, things, people and life disappears. so here i am… what’s new? well in Continue Reading