why some have everything

others have to fight for their lives…in sickness and in health we are the experiments of life. we live our lives according to the ‘norm’ and never really understand why some people have it all and others suffer.¬†what frustrates me are those who work so hard to achieve the simple life and i Read the rest

why can’t we speak our minds without feeling restricted?

i have been thinking a lot about the reality of life lately and it is no wonder people aren’t who they are because of the ever changing world we live in. you can’t say what you want when you want and i believe it restricts us from being ourselves.

respect comes to mind as well Read the rest

sometimes you just want to stick it to people

the rage of feeling either unheard or less understood…gets my blood boiling.

the web is a wonderful place where people write their stories, share and hope that someone will make just the slightest inspiring comment. of course we all know there are some who are rude and make fun or hurtful comments.

then there are Read the rest