.if they wrote a story about your life

the world is very difficult, treasured with the up most complication of all kind and yet the simple stuff seems to be ignored. until one day when we realize we have no time left only then do we stop and smell the roses.

i pride myself on trying to enjoy life, make it what it is in the short time we have here on this earth. some people, no so lucky, live short lives and never get the chance to do incredible things. i am one of the lucky ones and today especially i realized i am surrounded by great people. i am in a position to meet many characters and travel to tell the stories. this week i am in a big town on a convention and been greeted with open arms. these people are not only teaching me things but have accepted me in their group.

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we are epic people with the same goal and i am visiting amazing things at the same time. so i tell you all from the bottom of my heart, take the time to see many things, visit places, find the time and make it happen.


.people time & things

what is it about life that makes it so hard? people things or time

we all know some day our bodies will fail us and in that epic last breath, we start to think about all the things we should have done and didn’t get to because life had other plans for us. it becomes a death sentence just to even think things we shouldn’t be thinking and life is dictated to us like we are simply a number.

so hows is that some seem to live the life they want and never seem to fail at anything? why is it the more you do, the less you get? there is only answer and that is the epic reality. finding a moment even if it is just that can define your next adventure in life. if you choose to be the oh yum drum then that what what you get. if accept the inevitable, then you can learn to live with life’s ryme and reason

.running off at the mouth

it is so difficult to accept the differences between people, how they act, what they say and more so how they see things.

there are some who like stirring up shit just because it makes them feel important. it is almost as if when everything is calm, there is a reason to disturb the balance. i truly believe it makes them feel powerful, strong and that my friends is a personal issue.

when someone is constantly trying to sabotage someone else, it is for their own personal benefit. they believe it makes them look superior to others, when in fact they are drowning themselves with shear embarrassment. we no longer respect the authority one has on the subject and we certainly do not encourage bad behavior.

#epicquotea long time ago, i felt this way as though a vendetta was pointed at me. i guess over the years i have learned to care less and follow my agenda making sure i am not in conflict or suffering from major anxiety over stupidity.

the important reality is to live a life that satisfies your well being and never mind what others say or do. they will always, at some point get the message.

.routine life

coming back to reality |

after what seems like forever, i am back to my life’s routine and feel as though i have neglected the thing that makes me more sane.


while vacations are wonderful, i can truly tell you that being home has been a refreshment. back to work, catching up on what i missed and certain finding time to navigate myself.

Some days she has no idea how she'll do it. But every single day, it still gets done positive inspirational quotes for women and moms:

a few weeks ago, i knew i was ready to snap and needed some time away. what i learned about myself is that you can’t go far away to another country and expect all to disappear. this shit doesn’t happen. whatever stresses and realities you have must be faced head on and with a plan. time is very valuable and we must not waste it rethinking over and over about what should or could have been.

all we have is here, the now, the being in the moment.


travel reality and people

there is always an epic adventure to be discovered and when i travel it is always a challenge. i find myself feeling a little disappointed this morning as travelling is supposed to be exciting. i believe when you go places, new ideas arise and we can learn so much.

my challenges are always a bit more difficult. i know bad things can happen but it seems when shit happens it comes in large numbers.

i am on a business trip trying to be a supportive member of my organization and the trouble always starts when you arrive at the hotel. luckily, i had a great team of people who came to my rescue and i am so grateful they were here. after settling in my room, i went for a nice dinner and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. as i thought to myself, sitting there all alone, i did realize how lucky i was to be sitting in this lovely hotel surrounded by perfect greenery and waterfalls.


yes a waterfall. i kept looking at the pool and hot tub and that was to be my next adventure. however, walking down the hall i met some colleagues and we soon ended up sitting around filling our brains with all the activities we would endure with days to come. it was great to brainstorm with others i hadn’t seen in a year, with a common goal.

a few hours later we head to bed knowing we had a big day ahead. unfortunately our night was short, awoken by the fire alarm at 1:30am. all bundled up, everyone in the building headed outside until we were cleared.

brrr. did i mention it’s freezing here.

now morning, after my second cup of coffee, i think it’s time for some nice relaxation. so guess where i am going before heading out for business.

what did i learn? at the end of day, there are people whom really have your best interests. never underestimate the power of people. we have so much to learn.

past practice

word of the day: conflate – to merge; to fuse things together into one entity

we learn from experiences.

we grow from life.

the term past practice means living in such a way ‘we have always done it this way’. but what if we did it different? what if we changed these past practices and made them more inviting?

i truly believe there are some people who loathe the idea of change and are very stuck in their own little ways. i believe as life changes, we must change with it. how else can we experience things in a new way. why not alter our perspectives, open a new door and see what is inside this new opportunity.

Enjoy today:

evolution has been around us for centuries and without even thinking about it, we see it.

we just can’t connect to it.

personally i love change, i like new beginnings, i like challenging the next chapters. i think it is in my nature to discover what else is coming. it keeps a fresh aspect on life and revives my energy. i suppose this is why i travel because every time i do, i get something new from it. i like the rush of who, what, where, when because the limit of surprise is very exciting.

so yes, i leap into the next adventure and challenge my ability to do more but in a different way. we are here and now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.