.people time & things


what is it about life that makes it so hard? people things or time

we all know some day our bodies will fail us and in that epic last breath, we start to think about all the things we should have done and didn’t get to because life had other plans for us. it becomes a death sentence just to even think things we shouldn’t be thinking and life is dictated to us like we are simply a number. read the epic

.running off at the mouth


it is so difficult to accept the differences between people, how they act, what they say and more so how they see things.

there are some who like stirring up shit just because it makes them feel important. it is almost as if when everything is calm, there is a reason to disturb the balance. i truly believe it makes them feel powerful, strong and that my friends is a personal issue. read the epic

.routine life


coming back to reality |

after what seems like forever, i am back to my life’s routine and feel as though i have neglected the thing that makes me more sane.


while vacations are wonderful, i can truly tell you that being home has been a refreshment. back to work, catching up on what i missed and certain finding time to navigate myself. read the epic

travel reality and people


there is always an epic adventure to be discovered and when i travel it is always a challenge. i find myself feeling a little disappointed this morning as travelling is supposed to be exciting. i believe when you go places, new ideas arise and we can learn so much.

my challenges are always a bit more difficult. read the epic

past practice


word of the day: conflate – to merge; to fuse things together into one entity

we learn from experiences.

we grow from life.

the term past practice means living in such a way ‘we have always done it this way’. but what if we did it different? what if we changed these past practices and made them more inviting? read the epic

the time is now


my how time goes by and 2017 is just around the corner.

my thoughts this morning are about life and what everyone is thinking of accomplishing this next year. do we really live in the moment are we constantly worried about the future or even living in the past.

taking a deep inventory of ourselves should be a priority, where am i , what am i looking for, what are my ambitions and how am i going to live completely. read the epic

epic vacation boca chica


so it turns out when you are on vacation you do need some kind of planning and deciding what to do is pretty easy for me. i am up for anything as long as it means the beach.

here in texas they have beautiful beaches, different from the caribean but still relaxing. we were in boca chica yesterday although a little foggy still amazing to just sit, breath in the salt air and do absolutely nothing. read the epic

when you judge others


relationships are hard even in the public eye because on a daily basis we deal with all kinds of people. rich, poor, drug addicts, poor dressers, non-communicative, elderly, young and even foreign. what are perceptions are of these people can vary from time to time or even become a habit of nature. working in this kind of environment can be very stressful and we must use logic at all times. read the epic

we are missing the point


why do we strive so hard for what could happen, what we can achieve, what we can become? why are more of us not living in this moment?

there’s something missing – truly

we live by our means and most of us never really accomplish anything great because we feel it is just not in our grasp. read the epic

seeking answers


i just finish reading a good book and i was very disappointed with the ending. it is like wanting something so badly, working up to it, your pumping up, waiting for it and in the end, it really isn’t as great as you had hoped.

funny thing is, my reality of life is like that as i am sure most of you have similar situations. read the epic

every town has them


i am always amazed by the amount of people that can’t keep two thoughts together or for that matter can say whatever they want and when they want. social media has become the main reason of our existence when at one time was only a means to do business or a past time. now we tweet, facebook, pinterest to advise the world of what will happen next in our lives. read the epic