past practice


word of the day: conflate – to merge; to fuse things together into one entity

we learn from experiences.

we grow from life.

the term past practice means living in such a way ‘we have always done it this way’. but what if we did it different? what if we changed these past practices and made them more inviting? read the epic

the buck stops here



clear your mind.

close all unnecessary boxes.

things i think about when i want to feel epic and share most thoughts. although, sometimes my thoughts run crazy and it is very difficult to keep them straight. they say to many to things going on but i am a pretty organizer of my life. prioritizing everything that is really important and setting aside time for my peace and sanity. read the epic

some live in silence


i am faced with many challenges at this time of year, things i have worked on, self devotion, teaching unconditional love, the right to choose and i have seen something yesterday that i am concerned with. how many of us take the time to really see a person?

people of all kinds cross our paths and most of us do not even give them the time of day. read the epic

when the dust settles


there comes a time in your life when you have to take charge of your own personal well being. often we forget that we are human and our bodies and minds give us signs, it’s time to take a break.

i am the worse at this because i truly believe i can fix all. but i am not some super being and the only thing i can truly believe is everything has a way. read the epic

a goal and a plan


when we want something, we must have a plan. the only way to accomplish a life goal is to have this plan in place and if for some reason it gets altered, you just revise the plan.

i believe anything is possible with these two key factors. i have excelled on achieving many things and honestly it is the only way to get anywhere in life. read the epic

the journey of life


sometimes, life is unfair. it traps us into thinking we are epic and in the end we find out it was all a dream. most inspiring people have the ability to love themselves enough to never care what others do or say. how grand it would be if we could all think like this?

what others believe to be true is merely an image. read the epic



in life, we all need something to believe in (sounds like a song) and sometimes we just need courage.

if we go through life never attempting anything, why are we here?

growing up, i never understood life and for what it’s worth, i also never had any goals. i pretended to be something i am not, shadowed behind people who thought what was best for me and never really got it. read the epic

wanting something better


we all strive to be better, to be something we are not or is it just society that makes us want these ideas?

i can remember a time when simplicity or it seemed simple was all i had. one day i woke up and decided that life had to be better than what it is. today, i have more things than i ever imagined and yet some things are still unattainable. read the epic