.my world, undecided

life is already designed for you, it does not matter if you change your desired destination, all is mapped out. i realized that a few years ago when trouble hit my life over and over again, unable to find that exact happiness i needed or wanted. yesterday, i was hit with a that feeling again, call me crazy but something is terribly wrong and i cannot get my shit together.

maybe life has a bigger … want to know the rest?

.flirting & men

the concept of flirting has become so foreign to men it has to be said those who still do, kudos to them! the ones who don’t, shame on you.

what i really like is that most of the time flirting can be so fun and innocent it makes you feel very special; to at least know that someone is even remotely noticing you is a plus when you are close to 50. but it is … want to know the rest?

.finding inner peace

“self love is one of the most important things in life”

life is so chaotic and sometimes we forget to take the time for ourselves and bask in our own central place. i see people every day who suffer with stress disorders and i wonder why they are so wrapped up in this unlimited amount of negative power.

people used to tell me i was negative but the funny thing is i wasn’t. i was … want to know the rest?

are you having sex

Big subject this sex and one of my favourites; it makes me wonder why more people are giving up on the idea. We as humans need contact whether by hugs, touching, kissing and I think anyone who believes otherwise are simply in denial of their needs.

Physical limitations, medical issues may alter those sexual needs but I know it can be fixed. What I often see are couples forgetting or abstaining from it because they … want to know the rest?

i do or i don’t

i have been thinking a lot about marriage lately; not relationships but the concept of marriage. the wife, the husband and mostly why i don’t have one. more so, why no one has ever asked me in over 24 years. sad but true, i guess relationships and have come and gone but my biggest question is why no one has loved me enough to ever want to marry me?

it is a scary feeling to … want to know the rest?