when times are really hard

there will a point and time in your life when all hell breaks loose and you feel as though nothing seems right. in your eyes, all that can happen does and it is usually not good.

the next idea is why, the question you ask yourself and have absolutely no answer.

i have written many times how life is so damn hard and you can’t see to pin point why this has to be. read the epic

it really doesn’t matter

i have come to realize no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work at anything, there is always going to be some shit flying in the air.

people are conditioned to be in their own minds, in their own ways of life and for the life of me can’t seem to understand the relevance of a simple idea. read the epic

it had to happen

i am a realist, i see things for what they really are and not as people want them to be. if you are ever going to live in the moment you have be in the present time.

great lesson to learn.

i love it when i discover something about myself and why i do the things i do because it opens my eyes to so much more. read the epic

judgement day

someone has to say it.

we are all judged and the one’s who tell you otherwise, that we only see what’s on the inside, they are full of shit. people see a visual, they see first what is on the outside and even when they get to know you, they make up their own idea of what and who you are. read the epic

stuff left to do

there comes a time when you realize that so much is on the agenda and you feel as though you will never accomplish your tasks.

what i believe to be true is this: do what you can.

as anal as i am about having an agenda for everything, sometimes i have to take a step back and relax. read the epic

past practice

word of the day: conflate – to merge; to fuse things together into one entity

we learn from experiences.

we grow from life.

the term past practice means living in such a way ‘we have always done it this way’. but what if we did it different? what if we changed these past practices and made them more inviting? read the epic

.the buck stops here


clear your mind.

close all unnecessary boxes.

things i think about when i want to feel epic and share most thoughts. although, sometimes my thoughts run crazy and it is very difficult to keep them straight. they say to many to things going on but i am a pretty organizer of my life. prioritizing everything that is really important and setting aside time for my peace and sanity. read the epic

some live in silence

i am faced with many challenges at this time of year, things i have worked on, self devotion, teaching unconditional love, the right to choose and i have seen something yesterday that i am concerned with. how many of us take the time to really see a person?

people of all kinds cross our paths and most of us do not even give them the time of day. read the epic