respect and compassion

sometimes we forget whether we are rich or poor, popular or not, we are all human and in this day and age i am reminded that more people should be treated equally.

i had the pleasure of sharing a room with a great individual my past few days or agony, as we were going through the same procedure. funny thing is when you are at your lowest, you don’t think of how you look, what … want to know the rest?


When you spend your whole life in search of something that you know will never come, you must ask yourself:

What is the real issue?

I have spent years looking for that one thing or that one person to fulfil me and never found it.  I am being told that only “YOU” can make yourself happy, “YOU” are supposed to fulfil yourself with joy and happiness.  But what happens when you cannot find any happiness … want to know the rest?

the journey of life

sometimes, life is unfair. it traps us into thinking we are epic and in the end we find out it was all a dream. most inspiring people have the ability to love themselves enough to never care what others do or say. how grand it would be if we could all think like this?

what others believe to be true is merely an image. what is really going on is the idea that all is … want to know the rest?

.the art of making noise intelligently

speaking. how to and when.

i am a firm believer that speaking the truth is the best policy. there are those who pretend they are something when they are not and i just don’t see the logic in it.


why not be who you are in your natural form?

i guess some of us would scare others and the nature of it all is somewhat politically incorrect.

if i had my way in all … want to know the rest?

dreams and their profound affect

i want to talk about dreams this morning, as i woke up with intense feeling of sadness.

for as long as i can remember, my dreams are so real they feel as though i am living another life. call it whatever but it is an awful feeling to wake up and not even know what is real and what is the dream. of course this only last for about 10 minutes, until i get my … want to know the rest?