some live in silence

i am faced with many challenges at this time of year, things i have worked on, self devotion, teaching unconditional love, the right to choose and i have seen something yesterday that i am concerned with. how many of us take the time to really see a person?

people of all kinds cross our paths and most of us do not even give them the time of day. read the epic

special gifts

every once in a while, you receive a special gift. yesterday was my day! people think you have to spend loads of money to make christmas happen but i feel it is always the thought that counts.

a friend i work with gave a wonderful personalized card and i can honestly say i was very touched because the picture on it is worth more than i can say. read the epic

first i am woman

there is a fine line between being aware of who you are and what you are actually.

most people do not consider the possibility that even though we carry many titles in our lives, we are first and foremost woman or man. titles are what we do and not who we are. i have many titles, mother, daughter, spouse, driver, president, fixer of all, leader, writer and ultimately believer in love. read the epic

attitude and behavior

epic is having the most stressful time, it seems to me that politeness and compassion have thrown out into the wind and people have become so ungrateful. i do realize at this time of year, people tend to get a little more stressed and excited all in the same sentence but it is also a time of giving. read the epic

are you happy?

as it is getting closer to the holidays, yesterday i had a thought of how many things i want to get done before December.

we get busy don’t we? throughout the year, we are so rushed with our every day needs and wants we sometimes forget the important things. like ourselves! i know i am seriously in need of rest but as i keep pushing my way to the business at hand, many lists of things to do, i know in the end i will get it done. read the epic

ultimate relaxation

there are very few things in life that make us feel epic and when that moment hits, we ask ourselves how can we bring that joy and calm to our every day lives?

i sat looking at a picture last night, it was as if starring at it made me feel relaxed, stillness and i realized i was being in my moment. read the epic

exemption from reality

every once in a while, you need to escape from your daily lives. there are times when so much is going on, you can’t seem to process the reality of making sense of it all.

what i find helps is laughter. finding fun in all that you do, eliminates stress and calms the soul. people may find you childish or think you aren’t taking life seriously but when shit hits the fan, it’s good to laugh about it. read the epic

why do people give up

failure is inevitable sometimes and i have seen it in many shapes and forms. it is easy to be negative when you feel as though nothing good is happening in your life. i remember a time when my life was completely shut off and for months i wouldn’t even interact with people.

it takes great strength to build yourself out of a hole, determination to live the life you wan to live and the guts to do what is best for your sanity. read the epic