are you happy?


as it is getting closer to the holidays, yesterday i had a thought of how many things i want to get done before December.

we get busy don’t we? throughout the year, we are so rushed with our every day needs and wants we sometimes forget the important things. like ourselves! i know i am seriously in need of rest but as i keep pushing my way to the business at hand, many lists of things to do, i know in the end i will get it done. read the epic

ultimate relaxation


there are very few things in life that make us feel epic and when that moment hits, we ask ourselves how can we bring that joy and calm to our every day lives?

i sat looking at a picture last night, it was as if starring at it made me feel relaxed, stillness and i realized i was being in my moment. read the epic

exemption from reality


every once in a while, you need to escape from your daily lives. there are times when so much is going on, you can’t seem to process the reality of making sense of it all.

what i find helps is laughter. finding fun in all that you do, eliminates stress and calms the soul. people may find you childish or think you aren’t taking life seriously but when shit hits the fan, it’s good to laugh about it. read the epic

why do people give up


failure is inevitable sometimes and i have seen it in many shapes and forms. it is easy to be negative when you feel as though nothing good is happening in your life. i remember a time when my life was completely shut off and for months i wouldn’t even interact with people.

it takes great strength to build yourself out of a hole, determination to live the life you wan to live and the guts to do what is best for your sanity. read the epic

money buys everything


a very special lady i know mentioned one word:


and it made me think of how important money really is and the reality of it. the old saying goes, ‘money can’t buy happiness’ but it sure can buy you all your needs.

i truly believe money can buy everything, sad to say but if you really think about it where would we be without it? read the epic

what a wonderful word


how do we define simplicity – how do we begin to adapt to lifes’ stresses without going completely insane

humans are conditioned to survive – we get up, go to work, eat, sleep and at times remember to breathe. the odd time we find ways to entertain ourselves by joining clubs, doing extra activities, having hobbies or for the sake of laughter (which is the best medicine) find ways to incorporate the lighter side of life. read the epic

getting real


personal growth takes effort, patience and passion. you must feel the need to be a better person, even if you think you are great. i encounter many people who think and feel great about themselves and more so comfortable admitting it. those people hide the real fact they is something missing from their lives.

true consciousness is epic awareness of who you are and what you are projecting. read the epic

how to define importance


if some of you are like me, i prioritize my life | deciding what comes next is always on a to-do-list but doesn’t always follow order. i sometimes believe i am what they call ‘OCD’. however, as crazy as that sounds i believe it’s true. everything has a place, everything has to be just in a certain place and if they aren’t i am very disoriented. read the epic

a process of elimination


sometimes we learn in life that smaller ideas are bigger than most. but what we can learn is how to utilise all the resources we have in order to make something work in our best interest.

lately, as busy as i was, i have neglected the things that matter to me most, including my writing, although for good reasons, i feel that is the part of me that keeps me sane and on a calm level. read the epic