.as long as it benefits us

in fairy tales, the girl always gets the man of her dreams. not matter which movie you watch, in the end, she gets it all.


women have to fight for everything they want! men ask:

“what do you want?” – it is as if the impossible seems so complicated to men. basically if you feed him, let him sleep in and give him sex, he is happy. the rest is just “yes dear.”

let … want to know the rest?

selfish irritating people how they do it

there comes a time when you need to say what is on your mind and lately, i have had a build up of things i really would like to say to some people i know.

REMINDER: i didn’t say friends. the 2 or 3 i have.

people, in general, do not irritate me but there are some who get under my skin. for whatever reason, i can’t for the life of me understand how they … want to know the rest?

.what a wonderful word

how do we define simplicity – how do we begin to adapt to lifes’ stresses without going completely insane

humans are conditioned to survive – we get up, go to work, eat, sleep and at times remember to breathe. the odd time we find ways to entertain ourselves by joining clubs, doing extra activities, having hobbies or for the sake of laughter (which is the best medicine) find ways to incorporate the lighter side of … want to know the rest?


ok so life can truly bring you in different directions and when facing times of doubt, we often seek out true and responsive actions. we scatter our brains to find answers to everything and anything just to discover, there is no answer to the questions.

i used to be filled with so much love in my heart and times have changed my outlook on life. as you grow older you see life for what it … want to know the rest?

.the buck stops here

we define our lives by which we see and feel about things. we also feel frustrated when things are not as they seem. i live my life according to experiences, things i learn, things i see and hear. people are a great source of energy but also suck the life out of you.

so how do you know when you have had enough?

i guess the ultimate way is knowing in your heart something is … want to know the rest?